About Us

Our Story

A Small business with bags of enthusiasm to support your bookkeeping and administrational needs.

My name is Anna and I set up a bookkeeping service in 2013 after spending 22 years with a corporate company. I spent the last few years of my time there, travelling across Europe assisting with growth plans for the Global Company. I then decided to take a sabbatical and during this time I realised that I could take my experience and assist with small to mid-size businesses.

Numbers tell a good story for any business so we would love to work with you to understand where we can best support you.

I also believe in a work life balance, which is sometimes hard to achieve but I will try my best to help you achieve this.

We are driven by values

We strive to provide a service that understands your business and works seamlessly with yours.

We hope by supporting your business we will give you some valuable time back to focus on other business priorities or even perhaps precious time back with your family or even take on a personal challenge.


We will take time to understand your business and ensure we implement an efficient bookkeeping process


What ever your priority is, we will work hard to ensure we support you in an affective and efficient manner


All our bookkeepers are qualified and we encourage our staff to continually develop their knowledge